Saturday, January 19, 2013

Raspberry Pi - in India

I got my raspberry pi yesterday and I was able to get it to run today!!!

Things I had to purchase/use

  1. Raspberry pi - Rs 2964
  2. SD card - 8 GB (I hear that >2 G would do) - Rs 1000
    1. You might have this already - in your camera
  3. USB keyboard/mouse
  4. Ethernet cable - I already had this for my Airtel set top box
  5. RCA video cable (usually Yellow). I have not been able to get the audio to work yet. Looks like regular white/red audio cables do not work
  6. Micro USB power supply - I could use my HTC mobile phone charger for this

I burnt the raspberry pi image on the SD card using the instructions mentioned here -

After that I was able to get the whole thing connected and started. Raspberry Pi started off without any problem. For logging in, you need username=pi and password=raspberry

Next steps

  1. Buy an HDMI cable
  2. Buy an ethernet cable
  3. Figure out how to get wifi working - I'd need to buy a wifi dongle for this.

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